Flex the New Playbook

Flex: the New Playbook for Managing Across Differences

Renowned executive coaches and global leadership strategists offer lessons on the vital skill of “Flexing” — the art of switching  between leadership styles to more effectively work with people who are different from you. This critical skill allows managers to navigate successfully the diverse business environment of today and tomorrow.

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Praise for Flex

Hyun and Lee deeply understand that the most critical aspect of leading people is rooted in a leader’s ability to build individualized, meaningful relationships with every employee on the team. Many organizations overcomplicate their approach to developing leaders. Those that focus on the everyday conversation will produce leaders more equipped to flourish in the complex global environment of today. Flex provides a way for leaders to redefine how to lead by understanding, embracing and seeking out differences.

Karyn Detje, Chief Talent Officer, Tory Burch

Read this book. If taken seriously, you will certainly challenge yourself to change the way your lead in today’s global marketplace.

Steve Reinemund, Dean of Business, Wake Forest University; Retired Chairman and CEO, Pepsico

In the twenty-first century, a new type of leader will need to emerge to develop an authentic partnership with the new global worker who will drive innovation and growth. Flex: The New Playbook for Managing Across Differences provides the new era attributes of leadership that highlight the leadership agility required to master success in a global environment.

Ronald C. Parker, President/CEO, The Executive Leadership Council

Flex is the first real field manual for managing across differences. Its lessons are relevant to people at every level and stage of their career. It is required reading for every manager who wants to empower his/her employees to reach their full potential.

David A. Thomas, PhD, Dean and William R. Berkley Chair, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business

As you drive growth through innovation for your business, you must connect with the hearts and minds of the people inside your organization. Hyun and Lee are the first to move away from the “safety zone” of other management books by showcasing real people who embrace difference as they lead across the barriers of culture and generation.

Kees Kruythoff, President, Unilever North America

If you are in leadership or want to remain competitive and you don’t have a racially and culturally diverse board or staff, you are part of the past. We need to focus now on understanding the necessity for developing this untapped pipeline—we are losing momentum every day. This remarkable resource will set you on the right path.

Frances Hesselbein, President and CEO, The Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute

Jane and Audrey courageously get at the heart of why we seem to be ‘stuck’ when it comes to effectively managing across differences. Flex provides compelling reasons why we need to more openly and honestly address our differences if we expect better organizational and societal outcomes. Insightfully using their own experiences as well as success stories from others, the authors offer a practical roadmap to bridge the power gap to build stronger, more productive, and inclusive relationships with employees, clients, and the community.

Mary-Frances Winters, President and Founder of The Winters Group; author of Inclusion Starts with I

Flex is based on real-life experiences of its authors. This book gives you a useful framework and real-world strategies for how thoughtful leaders should operate in today’s global workplace. You will learn how to remove the interpersonal gaps that erode trust in business relationships. Every corporate and nonprofit leader must read this book before taking on a new post.

Manny Espinoza, CEO, ALPFA

Flex provides a thoughtful guidebook for the crucial leadership skill of developing ‘fluency across differences.’ There are applicable tools here for reacting with agility to a changing workplace that is filled with rich and divergent perspectives. Hyun and Lee offer a helpful resource for honing adaptive leadership behavior.

Douglas Conant, Founder & CEO, Conant Leadership; Former President & CEO, Campbell Soup Company

I have known Jane and Audrey for about ten years, and they are thinkers. And when they think, others benefit. Flex is about thinking — managing one’s thinking to meet the demands of business relationships inside and outside of your organization. It is about the twenty-first century essence of the workplace: how do you work with, manage, and coach people who are different from you. From the conceptual rationale to the practical how-to, take this journey with them!

J. T. “Ted” Childs Jr., Principal, Ted Childs LLC

Jane Hyun and Audrey Lee have mined their experiences as consultants, coaches, and first-generation Americans to write a compelling and timely book. The authors challenge twenty-first century leaders to broaden their mind-set and acquire new skills if their organizations are to be successful in a world where the people they lead reflect cultural, racial, gender, and generational differences. Changing demographics have placed the United States on an inexorable path toward a genuine multicultural society. This book provides critical information and practical action steps for how leaders can make the journey productive for themselves and their organizations.

Price Cobbs, MD, coauthor of Cracking the Corporate Code

Hyun and Lee’s book accomplishes what few guidebooks for employers do: It empowers leaders not only to manage differently, but to think differently by cultivating cultural fluency that will enable them to work more effectively with diverse teams.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett, CEO, Center for Talent Innovation, Author of Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor